Expression of Interest

Thank you for your interest in our clubs.

Please fill out the information below so that we can best support your young person(s).

Do not come direct to a club venue!

To ensure everyone's safety, we maintain a register of attendees for every club session.


If your young person isn't listed they will not be allowed to enter.
They also won't have an account on our Google Workspace so will be unable to access our project guides and resources.


Our volunteers do not have the access permissions to set up new accounts, so please do not ask them.

Please note that our clubs run throughout the year rather than on fixed-terms. This means that we cannot
guarantee when a place will become available for your young person. We do monitor attendance and
participation and try to give everyone a fair opportunity to engage with our clubs.

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Please note that we do not need the young person's details just yet. This is registering your interest as their responsible adult. We will be in touch with availability and full joining instruction when a space becomes available.
Our funders would like to know where our beneficiaries are based generally.
We will not send you postal mail or disclose your specific postcode.
If your preferred club venue isn't listed, or you would like to register more than one young person; please let us know here.
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