Meet the team

In addition to our staff, we have a fantastic team of around 40 volunteers who run each DigiLocal in partnership with their communities. We are also blessed to be working with some great community partners who help with venues and connections to the young people.

Without our volunteers & community partners this genuinely couldn’t happen, thank you all!


DigiLocal is governed by an independent Board of Trustees. You can meet them on our Trustees page. Our Trustees are drawn from the communities we support, and provide vital governance and oversight to the charity. Each Trustee also brings a unique mix of knowledge and insight into the day-to-day work that DigiLocal undertakes. We are hugely grateful for their time and contribution to DigiLocal.


John Bradford – John is the CEO (interim, unpaid) of DigiLocal. John has been volunteering with young people for over 30 years, often on off-shore tall ships, culminating in a couple of years as a Skipper with The Rona Sailing Project. He’s also been a Business Mentor for Young Enterprise and most recently can be found helping out DigiLocal clubs as emergency cover for volunteers. He holds a BEng Mechanical Engineering, and PhD in manufacturing systems redesign. Most of his professional career has been working for Universities on innovation projects, usually translating technical requirements between small engineering firms, large aerospace primes, and research academics.

John developed DigiLocal from an original idea while running High Tech Bristol & Bath CIC (HBB) for 5 years from its inception. With the successful application for Charitable status, John transferred full-time from HBB to DigiLocal where he is now leading it’s growth and development.

John was a Nominated Mentor of the Year at the BAFTA Young Games Designer 2018. He’s particularly humbled that, while he didn’t win the award, he did win the only collective ‘Awww’ from the BAFTA audience for the heartfelt testimonial of the young people that nominated him.

When he’s not running the Charity, he can be found tinkering with Scratch and Python games, or sipping a dark rum while playing Dwarf Fortress.

John is the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) for DigiLocal.