Laptop connectivity support

We're already helping families access online education through our laptop lending and laptop donation activities. If you have an old laptop, please check out our laptop donation page.

However, these rely on families having good internet access at home.

12% of those aged between 11 and 18 years (700,000) reported having no internet access at home from a computer or tablet, while a further 60,000 reported having no home internet access at all.

Of those in this age group, 68% who did have home internet access reported that they would find it difficult to complete school work without it. (Exploring the UK's Digital Divide, Office for National Statistics, 2019)

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted this gap and perhaps even made things worse (University of Oxford).

To help our young people access the basic human right of an effective education, we want to stop this.

Your donation will help a vulnerable family get online and access educational materials.

You donation will be part of a restricted fund within DigiLocal. This means it can only be used to pay for connectivity for vulnerable families.

We are working with Bristol company Square One Network who are providing the MiFi devices and service management. As part of this they are filtering internet access to undesirable sites for young people. They are also giving us access to a data package on a monthly basis that would normally require a 12 month contract.

If you would like to support DigiLocal more generally (including staff time), please see our main supporters page.

Please note that the suggested amounts below are per item. So for example you might enter the number of month's data you would like to contribute i.e. 4.

The form will automatically calcuate your donation value based on the number of items indicated. In the above example, entering 80 (4 x £20) would lead to a donation of £1,600 which would not be your intention. 

MiFi device (£42) and unlimited data (£20)
MiFi device (£42) and 4 months data (4 x 20 = £80)
Unlimited access for a vulnerable family for 12 months - this will be divided between families to maximise our support
unlimited data for a family for 1 month
Total Amount
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